Forms: Can’t Live With Them And Can’t Live Without Them!

Who hasn’t gone to the doctor’s office and said, "Wow, great forms! I could fill these out all day!" Ok, so maybe that hasn’t happened to you. It’s more likely that we encounter tiny print, small spaces to write on, redundancy in the information we have to fill out, and poor copy quality that makes it hard to read.

What about in your work? What kind of experience do your clients have with forms?

We know there can be lots of reasons why forms go wrong:

  • You use government forms that you just have to live with.

  • You have a lot of information to gather, so every detail is included in the forms.

  • There is a lack of organization or planning or time.

Additional reasons for challenges might be staff turnover, limited historical knowledge, or lack of clear understanding of why certain data points are needed.