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Week of Giving 2023

Join us for a Week of Giving May 15th-19th, as we uplift literacy, equity, and the accomplishments of our community. Throughout the week we will be highlighting volunteers and organizations making a difference, as well as the work of our Community Literacy and Clear Language Lab programs.

We invite you to follow along through email and our social media as we tell the story of our vision that one day, literacy will be recognized as a basic human right, supporting people along their journey to read, write, and interpret the world.

Below are some of the key events and topics you can look forward to learning about during the week. Be sure to join us!


  • Hear from this year’s Inspiration Award honoree, Kedest from Prairie State College! Kedest utilizes peer learning and relatable material while leading an ESL conversation class.

  • Check out the recipient of our Clear Language Lab's Community Leader Award, Evanston Community Foundation! ECF prioritizes clear communication so that community members have access to the information they need to thrive.


  • Learn about how to get involved with Literacy Works and connect with a neighbor in your community as a volunteer tutor.


  • Get inspired during A Book That Changed My Life at Sketchbook Brewery on May 19th at 7:30 pm! We will wrap up our Week of Giving with our signature storytelling event.

We have set a goal to raise $35,000 this week. Help us reach our goal so our members and clients can reach theirs.

Thank you to our board members and fundraisers for supporting this event. Click the button below to cheer them on!

Uplift Literacy Works Week of Giving May Fifteenth through Nineteenth.

A book that changed my life


Buy tickets now for our signature event, A Book That Changed My Life, where our host, Tony Sarabia, will guide our speakers from WBEZ & Evanston Community Foundation to share inspiring tales of the literary works that move them.


Join us on May 19th at Sketchbook Brewery in Skokie to wrap up our Week of Giving and hear inspiring stories from unique local voices. 

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