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Clear Language Lab

Professional Development


Plain Language Foundations

Quarterly series on rotating themes related to plain language. Virtual.

Let's Talk About Grammar

 In this webinar, we will talk about all things sentences!

What exactly makes texts hard to read sometimes? Why is my "grammatically correct" writing not always clear or effective? What even is good writing?

Let's explore grammar and sentence structure concepts from a lens of plain language and focus on writing in ways that are easier to navigate and understand -- and most importantly, best serves our audience.

Wednesday, March 8

2-3:15pm CST

Price per attendee: Free


Writing for Understanding

Intensive 3-part training in a smaller group setting. Virtual.

Review the principles of plain language and polish content for clarity and readability. 

Fridays, February

3, 10, + 17 

10am-12pm CST

Price per attendee: $150

Wednesdays, April 19 + 26 

Wednesday, May 3

10am-12pm CST

Price per attendee: $150


Bimonthly seminars on applying plain language practices to different mediums.

How to Make Better... Promotional Content


How do you promote your work?


In this workshop we'll look at various promotional formats like flyers, social media posts, and email campaigns. You'll learn what applies across formats, and what should be tailored to each medium.


Wednesday, March 22


Price per attendee: $50

How to Make Better... Web Content


Let's talk about writing for the web. You'll learn how to write web content that meets the needs of your audience.


Thursday, May 4


Price per attendee: $50


Community of Practice

Virtual space to explore communication equity themes.

Talk about what's on your mind. Or bring a flyer, brochure, or document you want feedback on. Or get ideas from others in a supportive setting. Learn more!

Thursday, February 16


Price per attendee: Free

20190822_114625 (1).jpg


Check out our recent webinars on all things COVID-19 and health communication. 


Interested in bringing Clear Language Lab training to your organization? Contact us today to learn how we can tailor a training that is unique to the needs of your organization and sector — virtual or in-person.

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