Language Lab Webinars

Catch up on a webinar you missed or discover a new topic of interest!

Our guests from the Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance discuss the fundamentals of a universal design lens and everyday examples to consider as you work to widen your own welcome. (~1.5 hours)

Open Space Office

In this panel, we hear from four partner organizations and how they've centered community members in their work. We are joined by:

  • Bettye Cohn, Executive Director, Reba Early Learning

  • Jobi Cates, Executive Director, Restore Justice

  • Michelle Nicolet, Marketing Director, Shriver Center on Poverty Law

  • Shayla Butler, Project Administrator, Office of Neighborhood and Community Relations at Northwestern University (~1.5 hours)

Classmates in the Library

In this webinar, we explore what trauma is, learn about the science of trauma, examine examples of content that is - and isn't - trauma-informed, and why it matters.

Listening to Music on Phone

In this webinar, we discuss important themes about why and how to use language that makes folx in the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome and affirmed in your content (and spaces!) (~1.5 hours)

Love is Love

Learn more about what we do in this brief overview (~30 minutes.)