Language Lab Webinars

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In this webinar, we explore strategies for making processes for user-friendly. Here's a brief overview of key points. (~1 hr)

Recorded 10/20/22

Spiral Stairs

In this webinar, we explore strategies for sharing information around numbers clearly and effectively. Here's a brief overview of key points. (~1.25 hr)

Recorded 6/2/22


In this webinar, we explore different types of vocabulary, strategies for explaining ideas clearly, and considerations for how language frames ideas. Here's a brief overview of key points. (~1.25 hr)

Recorded 3/16/22

Colors in English

In our most recent webinar, we break down the concept of neurodiversity and why plain language is important for communicating clearly and effectively with neurodiversity in mind. (~1.25 hr)

Brain Sketch

We explore the concept of cultural humility and strategies for more inclusive communication. (~1 hour)

Group Hug

Universal Design: Beyond Plain Language in Widening Your Welcome In Virtual and In-Person Spaces (June 2021)

Our guests from the Illinois Self-Advocacy Alliance discuss the fundamentals of a universal design lens and everyday examples to consider as you work to widen your own welcome. (~1.5 hours)

Open Space Office

Making Clear Communication the Rule, Not the Exception (March 2021)

In this panel, we hear from four partner organizations and how they've centered community members in their work. We are joined by:

  • Bettye Cohn, Executive Director, Reba Early Learning

  • Jobi Cates, Executive Director, Restore Justice

  • Michelle Nicolet, Marketing Director, Shriver Center on Poverty Law

  • Shayla Butler, Project Administrator, Office of Neighborhood and Community Relations at Northwestern University (~1.5 hours)

Classmates in the Library

In this webinar, we explore what trauma is, learn about the science of trauma, examine examples of content that is - and isn't - trauma-informed, and why it matters.

Listening to Music on Phone

In this webinar, we discuss important themes about why and how to use language that makes folx in the LGBTQ+ community feel welcome and affirmed in your content (and spaces!) (~1.5 hours)

Love is Love

Learn more about what we do in this brief overview (~30 minutes.)

Colorful Flags