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plain language services

Our Clear Language Lab's services include plain language editing, consulting, tailored training, and coaching. We refine public-facing documents, internal communications, and other critical material related to your mission. Our team works to ensure your message is clear, transparent, and effective. As experienced adult literacy professionals, we bring a unique lens to our work.

Plain Language Editing

Plain language revisions of specific writing projects, including flyers, slide decks, forms, handbooks, and more

We can support you in a variety of ways:

  • Identifying your audience and honing your message and purpose

  • Right-sizing and organizing content to be clear and cohesive for readers

  • Adjusting vocabulary or explaining key jargon to meet reader needs

  • Reflecting on basic layout suggestions to increase readability

  • Informing projects with feedback from our Community Voices group


Our work is grounded in social justice, and we approach each project from an intersectional lens.


A high-level review of your organization or department's content


We can audit a selection of your materials and provide a report with practical suggestions for you to make your team's content easier to navigate, understand, and act on. 


Interested in bringing Clear Language Lab training to your organization?


Learn how we can tailor a training that is unique to the needs of your organization and sector — virtual or in-person.


Individual or small group coaching sessions that provide a tailored, supportive space to identify challenges, explore solutions, and strengthen communication skills 


You will leave with examples and concrete, relevant strategies to apply to everyday communications.

interested in collaborating with us?

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Discounts are available for Literacy Works member agencies.

Plain Language Services
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