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tutor training

Are you interested in becoming a volunteer tutor for adult learners in your community?

We have the training for you.


We call it Tutor Essentials because it covers the foundational knowledge you need to get started as an effective volunteer tutor. This 12-hour pre-service training for new adult literacy volunteers is offered in ABE or ESL focuses. In this training, we'll teach you everything you need to know to feel prepared for your first meeting with your learner.

No teaching or tutoring experience necessary!

Ready? Learn more and register for an ESL or ABE training below. 

What is Tutor Essentials?

A 12-hour tutor training program that prepares new volunteers to become adult literacy tutors. 

How does it work?

Half the training is a self-paced online course and the other half is a live training (via Zoom). 

Here's the breakdown:

  • video course - 9 hours

  • live review - 3 hours

After you complete both parts, we'll send you a certificate of completion and connect you with your tutor coordinator. 

What if an online course isn't for me?

We offer two options for you:

1. ESL Intensive

This training has all the content of the self-paced course but it's faciliated live (via Zoom). It is still 12 hours so it takes place over two Saturdays (6 hours each). These are offered every other month. 

2. Printable + live review

This option allows you complete the work from printed material but also requires you attend one 3-hour review session. Email for this. 

I have more questions!

We're here to help! 

Keighty (they/them)


Call/text: ​(773) 387-5902

Ready to Register?


You  are free to do both trainings, but please work through one at a time.

Not sure which one you need? Check with your coordinator or email

esl training
(English as a Second language)
ABE Training
(Adult Basic Education)

Two new opportunities to collaborate with other tutors, share ideas and get creative! 

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