What is it?
Tutor Essentials is a 12-hour pre-service training for new adult literacy volunteers. We offer trainings in ABE and ESL. In this training, we'll teach you everything you need to know to feel prepared for your first meeting with your learner. No teaching or tutoring experience necessary!
How does it work?
Tutor Essentials is designed to be 12 hours in total - although it is divided up into two 6-hour parts.
ESL and ABE Part I consists of 4 hours of independent work in a program called Canvas followed by a live tutor training session that lasts about 2 hours. ESL and ABE Part II are the same - independent work in Canvas and a live tutor training. 
Once you complete both parts, you will be ready to start tutoring. You will be sent a certificate of completion for your work. If you are already matched with an adult literacy program, you will be connected with your volunteer coordinator for next steps. If you haven't been matched yet, reach out to Keighty at keighty@litworks.org for help. 
Ready to Register?


You cannot register for ESL and ABE at the same time.

Not sure which one you need? Check with your coordinator or email keighty@litworks.org.

ESL Tutor Training
ABE Tutor Training

New and experienced tutors can join us every month at our Tutor Support Group!