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Case Study: Corporation for Supportive Housing

Project: Informational Flyers

Sector: Housing

Audience + Purpose: Help human service organizations and housing providers understand how to use the Illinois Statewide Referral Network system (managed by Corporation for Supportive Housing) and connect community members to supportive housing units across the state


  • To make a detailed set of processes understandable and actionable to efficiently connect community members to supportive housing units

  • How to address the needs of both audiences (human services organizations and housing providers) so they understand their individual roles and tasks in the process


Sample Document Excerpts

csh 1.png


Click the arrows to see each example.

What We Did:

  • Created a consistent format and used consistent vocabulary across documents

  • Highlighted processes and relevant steps relevant to each audience

  • Used visuals when possible to organize ideas and reduce text density

Big Takeaways:

  1. Nonprofit staff, government employees, and community partners benefit from clear, effective communication, too!

  2. Tailor content to the main audience whenever possible, especially when talking about processes.

  3. A quick overview document can be a helpful way to complement a presentation and highlight key points.

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