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Case Study: Chicago Area
Fair Housing Alliance

Project: Slide deck presentation 

Sector: Housing

Audience + Purpose: Share clear information about laws related to housing and the rights of those formerly incarcerated

Original Slide

original cafha.png


  • Many complex details to share with community members and organizations

  • Complicated topic that might be difficult to address


  • Pace content in easy to digest manner

  • Use familiar yet accurate language

  • Demystify a complex process 

Updated Version

cafha 2.1.png
cafha 2.2.png
cafha 2.3.png
cafha 2.4.png

What We Did:

  • Broke down information across slides

  • Explained important "need to know" jargon

  • Allowed for use of larger font sizes with more spacing 

Big Takeaways:

  1. Consider how much content is digestible on a slide

  2. Avoid making those taking part in a presentation have to choose between listening and reading

  3. Remember that your slides are not the main part of a are!

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