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take action with literacy works

Reading a Book

litworks reading group

The LitWorks Reading Group is a social justice and radical education focused group.


Each year, we will choose four books to read and will meet quarterly for our discussions. This reading group is informal in nature - you don't need to commit to the whole year to join us! 

Our group will focus on the pressing issues of our time - namely racism, sexism, classism, homophobia - and how they intersect with our lives and our work. 

Street Protest

Literacy action Project

This project from Literacy Works aims to bring thought-provoking ideas that advance social justice principles from discussion to action. Each quarter, we'll focus on a new topic and provide resources for you to read, learn, discuss, and act. 

READ: A week or two before the discussion, we'll send out a copy of our latest action paper.​

LEARN: After reading, check out the resources and extended learning opportunities on the topic.

DISCUSS: Next, you join us to discuss what you learned.

ACT: Last, you take this information back to your organization and start new conversations

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