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using lessons from 2020 to bolster adult literacy programs in 2021

January 21

3pm - 5pm CT

$15 for non-members

In March 2020, we all scrambled to learn Zoom, move our services online and adjusted to working from home. That was a lot of work! Before we go back to what we were doing pre-pandemic, we want to consider how these temporary alterations might actually create a more successful program for future learners. We will discuss strategies for adapting our work during 2020 to post-pandemic learning and demonstrate the ways that we can learn from a very tough year to build stronger programs going forward. 

using census data for more successful grant writing

February 10

11am -  1pm CT

*Free to orgs funded by the IL Secretary of State*

$15 for non-members

Grant proposal season is here once again! (not quite as fun as other seasons, but still important!) Whether you like it or not, nonprofit adult literacy programs depend on grant funding and getting those grants depends on writing a good proposal. 

One of the thing we hear most from funders is that organizations do not include enough hard data in their proposal - that is, facts and figures. This training will focus on how to find, interpret, and include Census data to create a stronger grant proposal. We will help you get the data you need to get the grants your organization deserves. 

This training is geared towards any staff members that work in grant writing or anyone interested in learning more about using Census data. Since we are specifically focusing on using data, we won't be going in depth into grant writing in general. Although, there will be opportunities to touch of some of the broader topics as they come up. 

using authentic texts

February 17

5pm -7pm CT

$15 for non-members

We know that authenticity and real-world application are crucial elements for lesson planning when working with adult learners. Join as we learn about a helpful way of making learning more relevant to our learners.



Sarah Glazer (famous from her Diversity of English training!) will teach us how to utilize authentic texts - that is, real newspaper articles, radio shows, and songs - to bolster our ESL or ABE classes. Sarah will demonstrate why using authentic texts will offer the learners a deeper understanding of the materials and support them in bringing their classroom learning to the rest of their lives. This training is geared towards teachers and tutors and anyone else that works directly with learners.

noticing Domestic violence in the online classroom

March 2

5pm - 7pm 

$15 for non-members

Join us for this important and valuable training. We will learn the basics of domestic violence (DV) work and then delve into how tutors and teachers can notice DV in their online classrooms. The two hour training will establish a foundational understanding of Domestic Violence Dynamics, Types and Cycle of Abuse; as well as identifying the warning signs of abuse and how to best help survivors through a Trauma Informed Lens. A resource/referral list will be provided.

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