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Oct 6 - Financial Empowerment: Finance Behavior and Value-Based Decision Making

10am - 12pm CT - Zoom $15 fee for non-members​ Join us for the first meeting of the Financial Empowerment Lab series. This week we will look at our relationship with money, the factors influencing our financial decisions and how they relate to our financial well-being. We will challenge the traditional perception of wealth and lay down the foundations for developing a mindset which will ultimately lead to financial success. We will share techniques for bringing this empowering knowledge to your classroom and tutoring sessions, too!

Oct 7 - Resources to Tutoring Learners with Minimal Tech Access

1pm - 3pm CT - Zoom $15 fee for non-members​ Join us for this important training brought to us by CrowdED Learning! We will learn about techniques for remote tutoring with learners that may have limited access to technology. This goes beyond Zoom tutoring and focuses on meeting the learner where they are while also giving them plenty of learning opportunities. We'll discuss options for tutoring using apps and texting and share ideas about tutoring over the phone.

Oct 22 - Financial Empowerment: Banking and Credit Cards

5:30pm - 7:30pm CT - Zoom $15 fee for non-members​ This week you will learn the basics about banking and credit cards. We will walk you through the often complicated language used by financial institutions and focus on what really matters when choosing the products that work best for you. We will also be sharing tips to incorporate these lessons into your work with adult learners.

Oct 28 - LitWorks Reading Group: Emergent Strategy

6pm - 8pm CT - Zoom free for everyone use code ​LWREADING Reading Group - round two! Jumping off of our discussion of white fragility, we are exploring ways that we can make sure our organizations are supporting equity and equality as well. In this book, we will learn to look at our non-profit work and consider whether we are doing things "because that's the way we've always done them". Harnessing this moment of change and revolution, we will discuss how our organizations can move away from antiquated structures and move forward in new, inclusive, and exciting ways that will benefit us and our participants!

Oct 20 - Literacy Works' Open House

4pm - 5pm CT - Zoom Free for everyone - use code OPENHOUSE2 at checkout Whether you just became a member for the first time, you've been with us since the beginning, or you're just learning about us now - this open house is for you. We will go over all the professional services Literacy Work has to offer and demonstrate our new online registration and payment process. We'll share details about our tutor training program, give information about the Clear Language Lab and explain how you can become a part of Literacy Works today!

Nov 6 - The Refugee Experience

2pm - 4pm CT - Zoom $15 for non-members Do you work with students from refugee backgrounds? Are you looking for ways to help them gain confidence in their new life in the U.S.? At this training, Helen Sweitzer from Refugee One will present a deeper understanding of what your refugee students may have gone through. She'll also describe the realities of their life right now in order to support them more effectively as a teacher or tutor. This training is suitable to anyone working with refugees or anyone just interested in the subject. Tutors, staff, and community members are welcome to attend.

Nov 5 - Financial Empowerment: Understanding your Credit Score

Time TBD - Zoom $15 for non-members We all hear that credit scores are important but do we really know why? This training will unravel the complications behind understanidng your credit score. Attendees will learn the value of credit and what it means to your financial empowerment journey! This training will offer techniques and activities to bring back to your classroom or tutoring session so you can easily implement your new skills into your lessons!

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