Communicating Around COVID-19

Join us for one, some, or all of this special Lunch and Learn series at Literacy Works devoted to health communication and COVID-19.


This fall, we will be offering 8 sessions on varied topics around communicating with participants and staff about COVID-19 and its vaccines. We'll be offering two each month until the end of 2021. 

All sessions are held virtually from 12pm-1pm CST and are free. Grab your lunch and join us for some rich discussions and resource sharing!

You can also check out our COVID-19 vaccine education and resource page for more info as well as watch videos of past webinars in this series.

Special thank you to the Health First Collaborative and the Chicagoland Vaccine Partnership for their support on this project.


Strategies for Successful Community Vaccine Events

In this second session, we'll be talking about strategies for hosting a vaccine event at your organization (or partnering with another org!) We will cover issues like accessibility, information sharing, community leadership, and logistics.


Applying Plain Language To Public Health

In this session, we'll explore core plain language strategies and reflect on examples from the public health field. We'll examine ways we can make our current communications more audience-centered — and understandable.


Media Literacy: Helping Folx Navigate Online Health Content

Online misinformation and disinformation has been a massive problem, especially in the last year during the pandemic. We will examine strategies you can share with participants to help them more confidently navigate the health information out there.


Cultural Humility in Health Communication

In this session, we'll explore how our own cultural identities may influence how we communicate with others. We'll explore the different between cultural competence and cultural humility through a public health lens.


Information Design for Public Health Materials

In this session, we'll discuss how we promote our events and important information we want to share around COVID-19 and other public health matters. We'll also examine how to adapt content for different types of mediums and increase accessibility.


Trauma-Informed Public Health Communication

In this session, we'll talk about what trauma is and explore what it mean to communicate in ways that recognizes the impact of trauma on individuals and communities. 


Helping Folx Build Health Confidence

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed, distrustful, or frustrated in health situations due to the complex systems here in the U.S. In this session, we will explore how to support community members in building their health confidence and develop agency around their own health.