community literacy trainings


As part of our FY22 Community Literacy Membership Drive

ALL trainings will be free for the whole month of June! 

understanding and preventing burnout

June 24

2pm - 4pm CT


Are you finding yourself tired, cynical, and disconnected from the goals of your work? You might be experiencing burnout. Burnout is a huge reason that there is such high turn-over in adult education (and nonprofit work in general). We give and give for a great cause then are exhausted and step away. 


In this training we're going in-depth to examine what we mean by burnout and what we can do to prevent it. We'll discuss the things that cause burnout including grind culture and white supremacy. We'll focus on self-care techniques while also learning about setting professional boundaries and learning self-compassion. 

Start FY22 with a good plan for recognizing potential burnout and giving yourself the  space to recharge! 


This training is open to anyone is susceptible to burnout -- so everyone! Tutors, teachers, coordinators, and other administration welcome! 

literacy works' open house

June 30

11am - 12pm CT


Whether you just became a member for the first time, you've been with us since the beginning, or you're just learning about us now - this open house is for you.


We will go over all the professional services Literacy Work has to offer and demonstrate our new online registration and payment process. We'll share details about our tutor training program, give information about the Clear Language Lab and explain how you can become a part of Literacy Works today!

Keighty from the Community Literacy program will go into detail about the new changes and great new benefits for Community Literacy members this year - you won't want to miss out! 

community spotlight: world readers

July 13

2pm - 4pm CT

FREE for everyone

In this exciting spotlight, you'll learn about World Readers and how they're supporting literacy at all levels with their digital library.

First, we'll hear a quick overview of their project "Keep Children Reading" then we'll go into how we can use World Readers' resources in our family literacy and adult education programs. The presentation will focus the ways that families and caregivers can enjoy the digital library collection - especially around seeing reading as a joyful activity families can do together (at any literacy level). We'll also learn about specific activities for adult learners and how they support higher level comprehension.  You will also learn about best practices for supporting families in a digital reading solution, and point out which texts are good for high/low content to use with more mature individuals who need to build literacy skills.

This spotlight will be an excellent opportunity for tutors, teachers, and family literacy providers -- especially for those that are looking for more online learning options for learners and caregivers with limited internet access. 

problem-posing as humanizing education

July 22

3pm - 5pm CT

$15 for non-members

In Pedagogy of Freedom, the radical educator Paulo Freire commented that, “In the practice of education for freedom, the curriculum is dialogue.” Here Freire was referring specifically to a generative, action-oriented dialogic cycle – grounded in the experiences and concerns of the adult learners – which he referred to as “problem-posing.”


Problem-posing is a praxis -- a cycle of critical thinking, action, and reflection -- that is at the heart of popular education. It is the process by which learners collaboratively take up a problem that's important to them, explore it critically to get at its root causes, take action based on that deep understanding, and then reflect on what they have learned through their actions.


In this participatory workshop, participants will learn about and then practice this cyclical process of problem-posing dialogue. We will then explore ways in which problem-posing dialogue can be incorporated into ESL, ABE, and GED/HSE programs of study.

*This training is a great extension to the June training, "Popular Education: How to Do It, How to Grow It"! 

litworks reading group

July 29

5pm - 6pm CT

FREE for everyone

Literacy Works' reading group is a social justice, radical education, focused group. Each year, we will choose four books to read and will meet quarterly for our discussions. This reading group is informal in nature - you don't need to commit to the whole year to join us! This reading group is open to members and nonmembers alike and is free to all. 

Our group will focus on the pressing issues of our time - namely, racism, sexism, classism, homophobia, etc. - and how they intersect with our lives and our work.

Each year, we will choose four books which fit the following:

- a book that focuses on social action

- a book that focuses on new ideas and theories in the nonprofit field

- a book about education and educational theories

- a fiction book.

The next selection will be a book that focuses on social action

We will be reading:

Whistling Vivaldi: How Stereotypes Affect Us and What We Can Do

Learn about past and future books here! 

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