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community building

Literacy Works is a connector in the adult education community, and we have many ways for you to get involved in the issues related to this field. We offer programmatic support, drop-in groups for both coordinators and volunteers, reading groups, collective action - and more! 

All of this support is included with any level of membership, and there are also many free opportunities for non-members. Email to learn more.

Not sure if you are a member? Review our member list or email

Interested in becoming a member? Check out our membership options.

Tutor Support Drop-In

A graphic of people meeting virtually to discuss issues.

Next Drop-In: December 27

When: 5pm - 7pm Central

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

This "drop-in office hours" space is set up to support tutors when they need it (and not when they don't.) Tutors can join us each month or just when they have a question or need some ideas. 


We'll hold the space for two hours and you can join us at any point in that time. 


The sessions are held monthly on the last Wednesday @ 5pm - 7pm Central on Zoom.

Digital Drop-In

Next Drop-In: December 13

When: 5pm - 7pm Central

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

A computer icon with a question mark.

Are you looking for some help with your digital skills? If you’re a tutor, teacher, or administrator, the Digital Drop-In is where you can come and practice any digital skill you’re working on - whether it’s sharing your screen on Zoom or learning techniques for more interactive virtual learning - we can help!


The sessions are held monthly on the second Wednesday @ 5pm - 7pm Central on Zoom.

Creative Writing Group

A person sits at a desk and writes a story.

Next Drop-In: December 6

When: 9am - 10:30am Central

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

Teachers, tutors, administrators - any adult educator looking for a creative break in their month -- join us! Each month we take 90 minutes to build creativity through some short writing activities. Led by tutor trainer, Ann Maloy, this group is fun, relaxing, and a wonderful way to start your month.


This group is held on the first Wednesday of the month @ 9am - 10:30am Central on Zoom.

Adult Ed WAVE

Wave logo featuring a diverse group of people surrounded by the words adult ed wave

Next General Meeting: December 12

When: 2pm - 3pm Central

Where: Virtual (Zoom)

Adult Ed WAVE (Workers Amplifying Voices for Equity) is a group of teachers, including some who have left teaching, working together to advocate for Adult Education. We love our job and our students but we are frustrated about the working conditions that have led to the so-called "teacher shortage".


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