Literacy action project

This project from Literacy Works aims to bring thought-provoking ideas that advance social justice principles from discussion to action. Each quarter, we'll focus on a new topic and provide resources for you to read, learn, discuss, and act. 

  • READ: A week or two before the discussion, we'll send out a copy of our latest action paper.​

  • LEARN: After reading, check out the resources and extended learning opportunities on the topic.

  • DISCUSS: Next, you join us to discuss what you learned.

  • ACT: Last, you take this information back to your organization and start new conversations

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Reflecting on the way we talk about our work

Adult literacy professionals and tutors know the importance of vocabulary. Whether we teach ESL, ABE, or career pathways, we teach our students how words have specific connotations and evoke certain feelings in different situations. We examine these nuances of the English language with adult learners, but do we do the same when we’re talking about adult learners? The language we use to talk about our work directly impacts the way we think about our work and how learners feel about their experiences.

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Stay tuned for our next topic on wage issues in adult education

Coming out in May! 

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