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Our Community Literacy program offers a variety of customizable training opportunities. If you're interested in hosting a family literacy program, looking to train 'non-teachers' how to teach adults, or you want to build a custom workshop for your literacy organization,​ please contact Keighty.

Teaching for Non-Teachers

This training is for anyone trying to share important information with

adults, but doesn't have 'teacher' in their title. Many of us spend a lot

of our day teaching and we don't even know it. If you've ever stood in

front of a room (virtually or in-person) of other adults, you've been

teaching adults. 

Our Community Literacy team can work with your group to create a specific plan for their needs. We can help with facilitation strategies, classroom management, assessment techniques, and more all with the foundations of Popular Education and adult learning theory. This is training for everyone that works with adults, but particularly:

  • Healthcare providers

  • Intake administrators

  • Social workers

  • Housing counselors

  • Job counselors

  • Librarians

Whether you're trying to get your team to comply with a new rule or hoping your client remembers to be at their job interview on time, we can help. We'll train you and your team to develop welcoming, human-centered ways to share information with your clients and participants so you can have a greater impact on the communities you're serving. 

A group of adult literacy tutors work in a group during a training.

OK Learn (Our Kids Learn)

Literacy Works, a leading provider of adult literacy training and plain

language services, knows the importance of literacy at all ages.

Every day we see caregivers using literacy to support their families and

participate in their communities. We are proud to support families as

they pass along the gift of literacy to their own children.

Through OK Learn (“Our Kids Learn”), our unique family education program, adults gain confidence and skills to help them be their young child’s first and most important teacher. At each interactive workshop, caregivers:

  • Discover ways to expand children’s vocabulary and help them learn during daily routines

  • Learn how to encourage their children’s early attempts at writing

  • See how talk promotes children’s social-emotional development

  • Read children’s books out loud with confidence and expression

  • Learn to use books as the basis for rich conversation that prepares children for school

  • Feel prepared to foster their children’s learning, language, and literacy development — whether they speak English or another language at home

  • Share, discuss, and collaborate with other parents in a fun and supportive environment

Email to learn how OK Learn can be presented at your family literacy program.

A parent and child work together during an OK Learn Workshop.

Looking for something else?

We will work with you to build a custom training suited to the needs

of your organization! Email Keighty to get started!

A group of adult literacy tutors work in a group during a training.
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