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Opportunities for Evanston-serving organizations

Plain Language Coaching
for Evanston-serving organizations

Thanks to our partnership with the Evanston Community Foundation,
Literacy Works currently has free coaching opportunities available for Evanston-serving organizations!

Make Your Content Easier to Understand


How we can support you

We're here to help create communications and processes that work for the Evanston community. Sign up for a 1:1 or small group coaching session to talk about your materials or processes, and get concrete, actionable feedback


What we can work on together

Emails, newsletters, handbooks, flyers, policy documents – you name it! If you have content that you want to make easier for anyone in your network to navigate, understand, and take action on, we’re happy to talk with you!


How coaching works:

  1. Choose the materials or processes you want to work on.

  2. Schedule a 1-hour session with Sarah using the calendar below.

  3. Share a document or excerpt of a document (1-3 pages) with Sarah at least 2 business days before the meeting.

  4. Meet with Sarah. She will ask additional clarifying questions, offer a variety of suggestions, and troubleshoot with you.

  5. Apply what you talked about to your work. After the meeting, Sarah will share an overview of key notes, some samples for you to take back to your organization, and any relevant resources to help you in transforming your content.


For longer or more complex projects, second sessions may be scheduled.

Common Questions about Coaching


What type of materials should I use?

This session is for you. Choose what's going to be most helpful for your work. 


There are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • Use something you have the authority to change. 

  • We only have an hour, so if your document is multiple pages, choose an excerpt to focus on.  


In the past, people have brought:

  • Flyers for upcoming events

  • Program brochures

  • Registration forms

  • Surveys

  • Community presentations 

What format should my materials be in?

Your materials can be in any format. We have access to Canva, Google suit, Adobe Pro, and Microsoft Office. It's easiest if you can share an editable file, but that's not required. 

What if I want to talk about materials I haven't made yet?

That's great! We can use this time to brainstorm and plan together. You should still email Sarah what you want to make and any versions or ideas you already have. It's ok if it's just a draft!

I have more questions I need answered before I schedule my coaching session.

No problem! You can either:

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