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In 2021, we ask adult learners and tutors across Illinois about how they access and use the internet where they live. Among other findings, we learnerd that 23% of respondents reported not having reliable access to the internet and either left or were struggling to continue their adult education classes. 

When programs ask to spend their grant funds on internet equipment to support these learners, they were told that it was not allowed according to grantmaking rules from the Illinois Secretary of State Library Office.

In response, we created a report of our results and shared it with this funder with the aim of changing the rule so programs could spend their funding on hotspots or tablets. 

In the summer of 2022, this funder changed the rule and now programs are able to spend their funding for this need. Our report was credited with being part of the reason for this change. 

Click the image below to read the full report. 

Connectivity Report 2021 (1).png

This project from Literacy Works aims to bring thought-provoking ideas that advance social justice principles from discussion to action. Each quarter, we'll focus on a new topic and provide resources for you to read, learn, discuss, and act. 

  • READ: A week or two before the discussion, we'll send out a copy of our latest action paper.​

  • LEARN: After reading, check out the resources and extended learning opportunities on the topic.

  • DISCUSS: Next, you join us to discuss what you learned.

  • ACT: Last, you take this information back to your organization and start new conversations

We cover topics like collaboration between adult ed programs, the working conditions of adult educators, and the current emphasis on workforce over education. 

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